International mobility

As part of your international mobility, the Euptech Group works closely with Experts Worldwide, its international mobility partner based in Lausanne, Switzerland. A true creator of innovative and flexible HR solutions in international mobility, the Euptech Group is working with you to take charge of all the problems inherent in your international mobility, so that this export experience is your success.


We accompany you on the following aspects:

Optimizing your employment contract:

study and analysis of the situation of the missionary (single expatriate / family profile, retired senior, businessman, freelance), establishment of the French or foreign employment contract personalized according to your profile (CDI, CDI, CDIc, foreign contract, Swiss salary, freelance).

Social engineering:

health insurance according to the profile of the mission, including: health insurance, disability-death benefits, daily allowances (IJ sickness), pension, unemployment, professional liability and repatriation.

Tax engineering

tax optimization of income from expatriation, assistance with the declaration of income.

Preparation for expatriation:

preparation of the visa and work permit, management of air tickets and means of transport, health check, environmental, social, tax and legal monitoring of the country of expatriation.

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