Euptech Congo Engineering
Congo Pointe Noire

Euptech in Congo, Pointe Noire

Created in 2009, Euptech Congo Engineering focuses in the Oil & Gas and general industry. 
The subsidiary offers a wide range of services in commissioning, start-up and revamping.

Euptech congo Engineering au Congo Pointe Noire
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  1. Commissioning & start-up of LV panels, 400V Djeno (PJ- TOTAL Congo) ;
  2. Revamping of LV panels, 400V and transformer 5.5/0.4kV of SEF4 (PJ- TOTAL Congo) ;
  3. Commissioning and start-up of LV panels, 400V and transformer 5.5/0.4Kv of SEF4 (PJ- TOTAL Congo);
  4. Revamping of 2C 30KV cubicles of Djeno (PJ- TOTAL Congo) ;
  5. Revamping of 30KV panels, LIKALALA (PJ- TOTAL Congo) ;
  6. Revamping of 30KV panel, KOMBI (PJ- TOTAL Congo)
  7. Revamping of 600V cubicles, LAF3 (PJ- PERENCO) ;
  8. Integration of LC circuit breaker and PUIT 107 tests, LIBONDO ;
  9. Integration of LV circuit breakers and PUIT 105 tests, LIBONDO ;
  10. Commissioning and start-up of 6.6kV panels, hydroelectric plant, SANGA RDC (PJ- FOREST).