Euptech – Conseil et d’Assistance Technique en Ingénierie Electrique

Euptech Energy

____Purpose & Passion

What is our energy ?

Euptech is the story of a passion for electrical power distribution.

Our mission is to distribute electrical power all around the world by ensuring the sustainability of local ecosystems and reinventing meaningfull organizational models.

Ecosystème local grenoblois dans la distribution de l'énergie électrique
La raison d'être d'Euptech

Our mission

To distribute electrical power to human infrastructures fostering the energies of the future.

Our mission is to put our technical expertise and passion for electrical power to  projects that make sense for all of the stakeholders.

____Our way of thinking

Creating wealth fostering local ecosystems

The region of Grenoble continues to excel in the fields of hydroelectric power and renewable energy. From the pioneering spirit of Aristide Bergès (1865-1890) to world leaders such as Schneider Electric and Air Liquide, we help push the frontiers of electrical energy.

Our decisions are taken because they are socially and environmentally right in perfect match with our true purpose and mission.

Our orders are analyzed in terms of potential open job positions and not just turnover.

Our passionate and involved employees are our most valuable asset and interact as Ambassadors of our values worldwide.


Grenoble : berceau de l'hydroélectricité
Nouveau modèle organisationnel Euptech

By reinventing organizations

Euptech has been pioneer in reinvesting alternative organizational models.

We believe in collective intelligence to serve our corporate project and approach companies like living, evolving, learning and resilient organisms.

We believe that stakeholders are truly linked to each other, part of a whole that includes the environment.

We all have the same value, however, we foster all kind of diversity in our teams (roles, educations, backgrounds, hobbies, skills, points of view).